X2 Plyocide

P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)

This is not Insanity  or the  ‘Insanity Asylum’ — because those both seem harder, I must admit, but that is not what Plyocide is all about, so you gotta look past that. Plyocide is part of a much bigger plan. This isn’t max interval training, but rather plyo strength training that works by doing 5 sets of 5 moves, and by the end, you’re hurting.

Insanity looks much more plyo-focused, but I was breathing heavy and sweating doing Plyocide as much as I use to sweat doing interval runs on the treadmill. So, I gotta believe that it’s a pretty darn good workout.

But the best part is the stretch at the end – its as good as gold. Tony Horton even encourages bands during these stretches to get the really tight spots. He calls it “Neuro Intergrated Flexibility.” Not sure what that means, but I had the sorest and tightest IT Bands a man could have, and I believe this might have been part of my cure.

This is easier than P90x Plyometrics and easier than Insanity, but it is definitely a good workout.  I like it!

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