X2 Balance and Power

P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)

Once again….. it’s CORE! It’s pretty clear by now that Tony Horton believes core strength is important. Makes you wonder what’s in store for phase II. Can you say “more core!”

I like this one a lot. Slow moves, fast moves — all with core balance in mind. Everything is engaged on almost all exercises. This has truly become my favorite way to work out. I loved dumbbell presses on the stability ball and balance push ups on medicine balls. What I hated about P90x2 at first was exactly what this DVD addresses – using less weight that I’m use to and focusing on balance, core, and functional fitness.

The goal is to give yourself a stable foundation while doing power moves with either weights or your own body weight. There are some really cool and new exercises that I’ve never seen or heard of before, but I really started liking them because I could tell that I was getting a new kind of upper body strength that included a new awareness of balance that I just love.

Conclusion of Phase I……

This phase was designed to provide you with a “foundation.” Until you have a strong core, you really shouldn’t move on to Phase II. So, use the foam roller…..you’ll love it and it may even change your life. So far, I love P90x-2, and I’ve just done Phase I.

Phase II…. here we come!

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