Weak Hand Dribbling

Player Development Drills

Player development drills are crucial in developing your players and your team. One of the ways to develop better ball handlers is to work on drills that focus on the “weak hand” and do them on a consistent basis.

I’ve got a complete “Weak Hand Workout” program that if done consistently, will get rid of your weak hand and give you two STRONG hands. It’s a fantastic program that I will probably be posting soon.

However, until then, here is a little glimpse into some things you can do to help ensure that you can dribble with both hands and dribble with confidence.


Palmers (50x)

Do 50 low (ankle high) dribbles, pretty quick, pretty hard dribbles, but make sure and really concentrate on absorbing the ball up into your hand/palm like a suction cup. Make sure your knees are bent and you’re standing in the correct athletic stance. Pound it 50 times.


One-Hand Wipers (50x)

This is just crossing over in front of your bent knees using one hand, knee high. I call it a wiper because you’re moving the ball back and forth like a windshield wiper. Try to keep your head up and control the ball as you wipe it back and forth. During this drill, make sure your hands on are the sides of the ball, rather than the top of the ball.


Kills (30x)

Like the “palmers,” this needs to be ankle high, but I want this one to be super-quick, speed dribble where you’re mainly using fingertips instead of your entire hand. You should start to feel a little burning sensation in your weak hand during this drill. But don’t let it stop you. That just means it’s working!


Weak Hand Layups

Do a layup from each of the 5 spots (top, wings, corners), all left-handed. Go game speed dribbling to the spot, then going in strong to the basket for a layup. Get your own rebound and weak hand dribble it to the second spot. Continue until you do a lay-up from each spot. Go hard the entire time.


Do this quick and easy weak-hand workout a few times per week and you will notice your weak hand becoming significantly stronger.


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