Jase Tillman is a highly sought after private training specialist who focuses on basketball and fitness. He is known for his coaching, consulting, and ability to teach basketball in a fun and effective way. Jase has been teaching basketball for more than 7 years and has worked with basketball players ranging from age 5 all the way through the high school level. He offers One-On-One Workouts, Small Group Clinics, and Seasonal Fundamental Camps. All of his training sessions are designed to give you maximum results in the shortest time possible.

His "One-On-One Workouts" are fully customized to fit the need of the player and they are based on the solid foundation of fundamentals. He teaches "skill progressions" starting with the basic fundamentals and working up to advanced skills (kids learn skills 5x faster when working on a progression program). Along with improving your shooting, passing, and dribbling, Jase can increase your athletic ability by incorporating jump training (plyometrics), strength training, conditioning, mobility, and flexibility.

If you're interested in improving your speed, vertical jump, strength, or simply just want to get better at basketball, let Coach Jase share his expertise and experience with you. Let him set your game on fire and turn you into an athletic terror on the basketball court. Call him now and let him design the ultimate program for you so that you can take your game to a whole new level, and improve like you never thought possible.

For more information on training, please contact Jase Tillman today by filling out your name and email.

Trainings is available for:

  • Beginners
  • Players who have some experience
  • Experienced players

PS. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you're interested and you're in the Franklin, Brentwood, or Nashville area, please contact Jase today.


  • Achieve perfect form that will make shooting easier and improvement much faster.
  • Learn effective spot-shooting drills that will give you "radar-like" accuracy.
  • Learn the best game-situation drills that will have you nailing all types of jump shots with extreme consistency.
  • The importance of footwork, how to use the "jab step" and "shot fake" to clear space and get open shots.
  • Learn drills that focus on catch & shoot shots, off-the-dribble shots, and off-the-screen shots.
  • Learn a simple technique that will dramatically improve your free throw shooting percentage.
  • Learn an incredibly effective 3-spot warm up drill that builds proper shooting form and confidence.
  • Learn how to stay out of a shooting slump.
  • Learn the proper way to hold the ball, where to look, how to position the body, and how to have a flawless release and follow through.

    Dribbling & Ball Control

  • Learn 4 effective dribbling moves that will get you past the defender.
  • Learn the stationary drills that are designed to get your hands quicker and fingers stronger.
  • Learn the moving drills that teach you to dribble with confidence and "authority".
  • Learn two-ball drills that will literally make you "twice as dangerous".
  • Learn how to be "explosive" off the dribble so you can attack from anywhere on the floor.
  • Master start steps, creating space, attacking, and combination moves that will make you an offensive weapon.
  • Learn the move that no one knows ("balance hand pick-up") that turns your weak side into a threat.
  • Learn to beat full court presses with confidence and poise while never turning the ball over.
  • Learn how to collapse the defense by penetrating, resulting in a good shot or wide open teammate.


  • Learn the tricks to fluster the man your guarding and techniques that will force him to create turnovers.
  • Learn the undisputed elements of a proper defensive stance and how to force the opposing point guard to pick up his dribble.
  • Learn how to play aggressive "deny" and "help" defense.
  • Learn how to eliminate penetration by forcing your opponents away from 2/3's of the floor.
  • Learn the simple formula on how to take a charge (without pain or injury).
  • Learn a defensive technique that will double your steals per game.

    Passing & Getting Open

  • Learn to move without the ball and how to get open using V-Cuts, L-Cuts and Back-Door-Cuts.
  • Learn how to use and set an effective screen, that will get you open 18 more times per game.
  • Learn the proper stance and release for a perfect "laser-guided" pass.
  • Learn how to pass under pressure and how to read the defense before making a pass.
  • Learn advanced passing skills used in game-like situations (pivoting, passing off-the-dribble, and pass fakes).


Individual Workouts

  • 30 minutes: $40
  • 55 minutes: $75
  • - Fundamentals
  • - Shooting/passing
  • - Ball handling
  • - Defense
  • - Conditioning & Training

Small Group clinics

  • 55 minutes: $30/kid
  • 3 Day Camp: $95
  • - Fundamentals
  • - Shooting/Passing
  • - Ball Handling

Package of 4 Sessions

Sign up for a single 55 minute lesson for $75, or sign up for our Ongoing Lessons and save money! While single lessons are $75, you can purchase a Package of Four for $240 and save $60!

Jase offers a money back guarantee - if you don't get better at basketball or become a better athlete during your training time, he will give your money back.

Jase Tillman