The Ball Handling Xtreme System

Maybe you’re a player that wants to improve. Maybe you’re a coach that’s looking for a program to implement. Or maybe you’re a dad who wants to get his kid started with the game. Whatever the situation may be, we all have the same thing in common…. we want to see improvement.

But where do you start? What are the most effective drills to work on and how long should you do them? What’s the best way to create space so that you can get open for more shot opportunities? How do you reinforce fundamentals? How do you get quicker feet, stronger fingers, and a monster vertical jump?

These are the questions that overwhelm most of us and unfortunately, it’s the reason why most of us never take that first step to improvement. So what will you do about it?

How about start with a baby step? How about taking 15 seconds and signing up for our eNewsletter or subscribing to our RSS Feed which will keep you updated when we release new articles on our blog site? All you have to do is click the little orange RSS button and you’ll stay updated on all of the valuable basketball information that I put out, as well as other basketball related material, tricks, and tips like how to jump higher and move quicker.

If you sign up for our eNewsletter, you also get my 2 free gifts: “13 Ways To Become A Great Ball Handler” which is a “must read” for any player that wants to feel more comfortable dribbling the ball in any type of game situation. And you’ll get to download my free 10 Minute Ball Handling Workout Video where I show you exactly how to perform over 25 effective drills that can be done anywhere, including your basement, garage, or living room. I’m even doing mine in my office!

The bottom line is this…… there’s no reason or excuse to not work on some type of basketball skill a few times per week. It doesn’t matter where you are or how little time you have. Make it a priority to get better. Become a student of the game by learning the fundamentals while also learning some cool tips and tricks that will make you a better player.

Let me leave you with this…. in order to excel at basketball, you must be willing to go further than the others. You must have that “Rocky” mentality and push yourself beyond what’s “comfortable.” In a nutshell, here is a list of what you need in order to be a great player:

• You must be in great shape, have strong balance, good flexibility, and core strength
• You must have an EXPLOSIVE first step
• You cannot have a weak hand, and your hands must be quick and strong
• You must learn how to separate on drives using your forearm and shoulder
• You must be able to create space from your defender
• You must be able to effectively change speed and direction to get open
• You must make smart decisions and make correct reactions

And you can start learning a lot of this by reading my blog or signing up for my eNewsletter. So please, subscribe to the RSS feed today and make it a priority to master these things. And you will thrive as a player. I guarantee it.

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This entry was posted on August 29th, 2011 at 11:33 am

11 Responses

  1. EJ says:

    Great resource … this is a newsletter everyone interested in basketball should get. Sign up today!!!

  2. Carl says:

    this is great coach! i can’t wait to learn more ball handling techniques from you and show off a better “ball handler” me to my friends.

  3. Kevin C. says:

    I have been looking for this type of easy to understand instruction for my son and daughter. Well I have found it! Your kids will love this! Can’t wait for basketball season to arrive so that they can show their new moves.

  4. Scott B says:

    This is a great resource for coaches and parents. Ballhandling is a major part of the game and we need to spend more time working on it. Thanks for providing such an excellent opportunity.

  5. Jerm S. says:

    “Love this website… it looks awesome! I am impressed with the all the basketball information that Jase is providing.”

  6. Tam says:

    My son worked with Jase this summer and he learned some fundamental techniques that he’d never really thought about before. This is definitely some great information and I can’t to surprise my son with his eBook this fall!

  7. Jeff says:

    This looks like a great program. My son is a guard in 8th grade at a 6a school.

  8. SHB says:

    An excellent source for basketball fundamentals. I highly recommend this!

  9. D.Braden says:

    This program is impressive! because these drills can help on any level. I highly recommend anyone serious about getting an edge on his or her opponent, this is it.

  10. David Knox says:

    The Ball Handling Xtreme System gives all the proper technique and routines to give anyone youth age to adults the system to work effectively on their game. I was always taught that simply playing helps, but perfect practice makes perfect. This is perfect practice. I would highly recommend the Ball Handling Xtreme System to anyone who wants to enhance ther basketball skills.

  11. regina kitchen cabinets says:

    Great sharing!
    I’m totally agree with you that there’s no reason or excuse to not work on some type of basketball skill a few times per week.

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