Supplements Boost Fat Loss

Q: Do You Need Supplements To Lose Fat? A: No.

The only two things you need are exercise and nutrition. Some basic supplements are helpful for “nutritional insurance,” and there are actually are some supplements that can help speed up the fat loss process a little…. but it’s VERY little.

Even supplements that have been proven “effective” only help a little. Based on trying lots of supplements in my last 20 years of working out, I’m pretty sure that 97% of my results came from good training and good nutrition.

If most of your results come from nutrition and training, then why would you chase after that last 3% “edge” if you haven’t even maximized the first 97%? Isn’t that approach completely backwards?



Then Who Needs Supplements?

Believe it or not, advanced trainees, competitive bodybuilders, and athletes are about the only ones that will probably benefit more from using supplements than beginners. High-level athletes are more likely to have “maxed-out” their training and nutrition programs. Their diets are usually impressive, their training is probably intense and their discipline is usually incredible.

Once you’ve reached a high level of development from intelligent, intense, methodical training and quality nutrition, and the closer you get to your ultimate genetic potential, the slower your progress will become. And when progress slows down, then that is the time when supplements and other “minor” details can make a difference.

Take the Olympics for example, how many times were first place winners separated by the runner up by hundredths of a second, a tenth of a point, a fraction of a pound, or a single judge’s opinion? Perhaps the extra 3% that supplements might provide could be the difference between winning and losing.

Now look at the average beginner – they’re probably eating junk food and skipping meals. They’re not even working out consistently. Yet those are the ones who usually go out searching for a “shortcut” pill.

It’s a shame that so many people look for easy ways instead of making the effort to learn how to eat and train better.

There are no short cuts. Maximize your nutrition and training and once that’s spot on, then it could be time to start looking at supplements to help get you get that competitive advantage.

If anyone tries to convince you that supplements are essential and that you can’t reach your goals without them, my bet is that they are probably just trying to sell you something.

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