Burning Fat 24/7 (1 of 3)

I’m burning fat….. right now….. as I type this….. while drinking coffee and eating a Grab the Gold snack bar. Huh? What? How?

It’s true. As I sit here, calories are being incinerated and fat is melting away because I have learned how to supercharge my metabolism so that it constantly burns fat.

Most weight loss programs (even those that may work short-term) do not teach you how to burn calories for an extra 12 hours — after the exercise ends!

Which means, if you lost 5 pounds…. you probably could have lost 10.

Well, don’t worry. I’m about to show you that burning fat all day long really only requires that you understand how to do two simple things:

  1. Increase your metabolism for extended periods of time
  2. Create and maintain a fat-burning hormonal environment within your body at all times


Okay, so maybe it doesn’t sound so simple. But stay with me… cause once you learn how to do these two steps, you will start burning fat all day long.

To keep this short and interesting, I’m going to break these steps down into several posts, so try and stay with me. Okay, let’s get started……

Step 1: Increase Your Metabolism

You can increase your metabolism in a variety of ways: Running on the treadmill, doing the elliptical, riding a bike, or even running a marathon.

But these types of exercise don’t do anything at all for all day fat loss. They lack the fat-burning properties of something that is MUCH more effective. If you are looking for the fastest fat loss results, then short duration, high intensity exercise is the way to go.

Short duration, high intensity exercise comes in two major forms: metabolic resistance training (MRT) and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Stay tuned, because in tomorrow’s post, I want to take a deeper look into the benefits of each.

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This entry was posted on May 9th, 2012 at 6:01 pm

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  1. Mike Hynd from Best Fat Burner says:

    Great information given here. Metabolism is indeed the key to lose weight, as most overweight people has slow metabolism rate. Just followed you on twitter to follow your updates! :D

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