Become A Good Player

The Road to Becoming a Good Basketball Player

Other than the John Wooden definition of success at the end, I am not sure where I came across the rest of this, but I thought that it was worth passing along – especially in light of my coaching loss last night. I think keeping an “even keel” throughout the season – through wins and losses – is something that is worth constantly being reminded about.

In my opinion, one of the most important life lessons to be learned in competitive athletics is that you can work very hard and sacrifice, but not always come out on top on the scoreboard – because don’t forget, the other team is also working hard.

It’s a different lesson than inside a classroom, because most students can earn successful grades in most classes when they work hard. They’re not competing against others for the grades, only against a standard. I like to use this thought to help players come to terms with losses – especially when they’ve put a lot of effort in practicing hard, yet not seeming to get a return on that investment.

“The road to becoming a good basketball player is not by any means an easy road. It is a road paved with hard work, sweat, skinned knees, and sometimes tears. Along the way you will find victory and defeat, encouragement and discouragement, disappointment and joy, praise and criticism, success and failure, but you should always retain the satisfaction of knowing you did the best you were possibly capable of doing. Success is this self-satisfaction.”

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