Ready for the Pool? (1/3)

Part 1 of 3: Your Diet

Ahhhh… it’s May and the birds are chirping, the sky is blue, and the weather is warm. And if you’re anything like me, then you probably can’t help but wonder….. what are some last-minute steps to take to make sure your body is ready for the pool? I mean, I try to keep a strong, healthy body year-round, but the thought of hitting the beach is still big motivation to drop that last 5 pounds.

I’m going to share 3 ways to help with this issue over the next three days. The first way, is to simply tweak your diet by slightly cutting the calories you take in. I don’t mean a complete over-haul of your entire diet, but a few small tweaks can add up (or subtract in this case) very nicely.

So, here are a few tweaks you can easily implement today…..

Avoid Drinking Your Calories  – Liquid calories will not satisfy you the same way that solid foods will. From smoothies, to frozen coffee drinks, to sodas and juices – these drinks provide calories but little to no nutritional benefit. Same goes for alcohol.

Cut the Sweets  – Many of us like a little something sweet after a meal, but consider cutting out extra sweets and desserts for the next few months. If you’re craving something sweet, reach for some fresh fruit, one of those 100 calorie yogurts, or a sugar-free pudding cup. For a nearly calorie-free treat, grab some sugar-free jello or pop in a piece of sugar-free gum to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Leave a Little on Your Plate  – Many of us were taught from a young age to “take all you want, but eat all you take.” However, this old rule is not good. Especially when you eat every bit and you do it fast. Try leaving a few bites of food on your plate at each meal, cause if you do, you’ll be cutting calories. It doesn’t seem like 4-5 bites can make any sort of difference, but if you do it often enough, these dropped calories will add up!

Snack Smart  – I’m a constant snacker so this one will be tough for me. Most of us snack every chance we get, regardless of whether or not we’re hungry. Sure, snacks can be a part of your diet while you’re trying to cut a few pounds, as long as you’re choosing the right snacks. Try choosing snacks that are around 100 calories. If you snack 6-7 times per day, you might just save yourself 700 non-needed calories.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for Part 2 – The Exercise…..

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This entry was posted on May 1st, 2012 at 1:30 pm

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