Peyton… The Greatest Of All Time?

After everything Manning has accomplished, for anyone to try and take his 263rd game to try and prove that he’s not the “greatest ever” is quite frankly, laughable.

Only the clueless football fan will try and debate that some other QB is better than Manning and will try and use TEAM STATS instead of what really matters — consistent individual performance.

There are still clueless amateur and professional analysts who think Eli is better than Peyton because he has two rings. Anyone with a brain should know how ridiculous that sounds. Besides the two rings that Eli’s TEAM (the Giants) won, Eli doesn’t compare to Peyton in any category, and he never will — even if he wins another SB or two.

No other QB would have done any better Sunday night, because nobody prepares like Peyton or is as good as Peyton. He is without question, the greatest QB of all time.

In five years, the Pro Football Hall of Fame will unanimously vote Peyton in on the first ballot — just like they did for Elway who was only 2-3 in Super Bowls and lost 55-10 in SB XXIV. In ten years, all the Breeze, Brady, Eli, and Flacco fans will finally all agree that Peyton is the greatest ever.

Even after a huge loss, Peyton STILL managed to complete 34 passes…. breaking the SuperBowl record that was once held by TOM BRADY.

Nobody should say it was Manning’s best game. But they should also admit that it was not the Broncos best game. This is not a one-man sport. This is not tennis, golf, or bowling. It’s not even basketball. It’s more of a team sport than probably any other sport.

The fact is, Manning entered the game as the greatest ever, and he left the game with a loss, but for a loss on his 263rd game to drop him from the “greatest ever” to a top ten QB is naive.

Joe Montana led the NFL with a 61.3 completion percentage in 1985. That figure would have placed him 17th in the league in 2013.

Manning is who he is. The perception shouldn’t have changed Sunday night. And if it did, you are clueless.

Peyton Manning, rings or no rings, is the greatest that’s ever played. But I’ll admit that my opinion won’t be the popular one – because I’m only talking about the way it “ought to be.”

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This entry was posted on February 4th, 2014 at 1:31 pm

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