P90x-2 Review

P90x is probably the best workout program that I’ve ever done. Tony Horton though sometimes obnoxious, is a genius. Before P90x, I was doing the same workout that I had been doing since high school. But then I started my own business, got a little out of shape (well, maybe a TON out of shape), and so after a friend from college told me about P90x,  I decided to give it a shot. I did the 90 day program and I was blown away by what it did to my body. In 90 days, I felt and looked better than ever. Wanna see my day 1 and day 90 photos? Well, maybe later.

I did a review on P90x a couple of years ago. Well…. now it’s time for chapter two: P90x-2.

P90x-2 seemed much easier than the original P90x. In fact, I didn’t like it at first because it wasn’t what I was use to. It wasn’t about heavier weights and bigger arms. But now, after doing it, I realize how great it really is.

In short, if P90X was about push-ups and pull-ups, then P90x-2 is about push-ups on two medicine balls while your feet are balanced on a stability ball.

P90x-2 is more about balance and core strength, mobility, standing on one foot, using a stability ball, and tightening up your abdomen. Doing all of these things – some at the same time – forces you to engage several muscle groups simultaneously which give you fantastic results in muscle strength. Plus, trying to balance yourself on three medicine balls isn’t easy.

But it’s also more than that. There is also plyometrics, pull-ups, yoga, squats, lunges, bicep and tricep work, lots of foam rolling, and a new twist in phase III that Tony calls P.A.P (that combines lifting, jumping, balancing, core work, and plyometrics) which is incredibly cool. In fact, there is so much core work in this phase that thou get a total break from Ab Ripper X.
It really is so different than anything in P90x.

There are three phases in P90x-2, just like in P90x. And yes, you get sore, strong, and your body changes – just like you did in P90x. Wanna see my pictures? Naaah, never mind.

In conclusion….. P90x-2 is the premier home fitness solution of our time. Tony has done it again: he created a program that was difficult, agonizing, and different than anything else out there. Nothing touches this program in terms of versatility and attacking your total body.

P90x-2 will be my default workout from now on. There will never be anything better than P90x-2…….. until now. I just got my P90x-3 in the mail……. and it looks even better.



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