P90x-2: The Review In Detail

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to dive a little deeper into reviewing P90x-2….. cause it’s that good and you need to know about it. In short, it comes with 12 workouts, plus two extras that are sold separately, and it’s broken into 3 phases (each lasts between 3-5 weeks) and consist of building a foundation, adding some strength, and then maximizing your performance.

So let’s get started…….


P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)
X2 Core, 57 minutes

This is all about the foam roller, stability ball, and medicine balls (three things that I had never heard of) for 57 intense and incredible minutes. Tony offers a “tip of the day” which is definitely a “need to know:” time, patience, and practice.

I felt like a klutz my first time, and so will you.

This is not just core and balance…. it is explosive core and balance! There is also a major benefit that will be gained from this: posture. Which is exactly what I needed since I work at my desk all day long.

P90x-2 comes with Ab Ripper X-2 but it is not needed with this workout. Thank goodness!


Coming next…… X2 Plyocide…. so stay tuned……


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