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BHX Endorsements

  • Coach Rick Byrd

    Belmont University, Head Coach

    "The importance of ball handling is often overlooked as players try to develop their game. The BHX method will help players of all sizes and positions to reach their greatest potential. Follow this program, and you will be a better basketball player."

  • Coach John Pierce

    High School Basketball Coach College Basketball's All-Time Leading Scorer

    "Coach Jase has developed a great, easy-to-follow ball handling system for individual improvement that can be worked on at home, in the driveway, or where ever you are... for just a few short minutes per day. It will make you better and I highly recommend it."

  • Willy Daunic

    Former Player at Vanderbilt University Sports Talk Show Host for 104.5 The Zone

    "I've grown up going to basketball camps and have done a lot of ball handling drlls. No matter how tall you are, if you handle the ball.... you can't play. It was awesome to have Jase bring the BHX system to our basketball camp."

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