How to Grow Taller

There is this incredible drug called Human Growth Hormone that will….

Ha! I’m kidding. If you’re looking for some drug or pill that will help you grow taller, then you might as well stop reading right now. Because what I’m about to give you has nothing to do with drugs or pills. These are just a few, unproven, simple, yet effective tips that will make you healthier and who knows… maybe it could even add and inch or two to your height. : )

Okay, here ya go:

1) Nutrition – You probably already know this, but nutrition is one of the most important things in all of fitness. It’s important for your bones, muscles, heart, and blood. But it’s not just eating healthy – it’s drinking healthy too. Drinking milk, for example, stimulates the human growth hormone. Drinking 8 cups of water per day stimulates the blood flow to function better which also stimulates the growth hormone.

2.) Stay upright in every situation – I have no evidence whatsoever to prove that this works, but if nothing else, it’s good for your posture, good for your spine, and keeping a strong and tall posture can’t help but make you at least “seem” taller.

3.) Stretching – And now for my favorite one. Whether it be yoga, swimming, or even basketball — you need to stretch, move around, and make sure your body is not tight. Being flexible is extremely important to your overall fitness and health.

If you’re in to basketball, for example, then stretching the correct jumping muscles could help you jump higher, thus seem taller. And when you can jump high enough to grab the rim, then try holding on to it for 5-10 seconds — really stretching those lats.

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This entry was posted on January 25th, 2012 at 7:34 pm

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  1. Dave Ryan says:

    I have been researching and finding very interesting health benefits by increasing your human growth hormone. I enjoy your site.

  2. scrabblefinder says:

    many wants to grow taller but a girl like me i want an average height i don’t like to look at girls who are so tall..but its also a gift from God if you are born to be tall..

  3. George from Recommended HGH says:

    Your system as you would expect emits Human growth hormone from the moment we’ve been beginning. Regular a number of internal organs in our body to perform clearly. But simply each and every several other hormones in your own body, the number of Hgh supplement our staff members crank out is worn down as your body age. Which is a consequence of excessive activities and many further tensions that we all speak to at the same time.

  4. Gerardo from human growth hormone products says:

    Just before showing you typically the specifics of human growth hormone, it really before anything else crucial talk
    about the significance of the present in nicely their own.
    Served by body cells in the glands and moreover a number of
    organs, human hormones distribute by the body fluids, triggering selected interest all around the system on it’s own.

  5. Nutrition says:

    Yeah this seems to be working .. i was searching and implementing but no results were coming out, but never less i will try again with your diet plan and wait for the result . . . .

    nutrition articles

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