Fat Loss Lie #4

Fat Loss Lie #4: Lose Weight By Working Out 10 Minutes Per Day!

3 Minute Abs? 8 Minute Workouts In The Morning? The Once-A-Week Workout Revolution? Change Your Body In 30 Minutes?

Ever heard claims like this? Let me be the first to warn you about trying to get lots of results in little time. You should always be looking for the most effective way to work out, spend your time in thy gym, and improve the efficiency of your workouts. What I’m talking about is trying to find the “secret” training program, the short cut, the miracle pill, or the easy “overnight” cure that requires no effort.

At the same time, you need to be careful and make sure you understand the difference between training enough to stimulate growth and overtraining. Most athletes are constantly warned to not over train because it could hold back their strength and muscle gains. They may also be cautioned to not do too much aerobic activity because they may lose the muscle they already have.

But just as there’s fine a line between optimal training and overtraining, there’s also a fine line between optimal training and under-training.

The minimalist “less is more” approach is highly appealing because it represents the ultimate “lazy man” approach, and it sells.

These marketeers are all saying the same thing – “You’re spending too much time in the gym and it’s holding back your gains. Buy my secret miracle training program and you only have to train once a week for a few minutes and you’ll double your results.”

Don’t be a sucker.

Minimal workouts are only good when their purpose is to prevent you from overtraining and they optimize hormonal response to training. Otherwise, minimal workouts are just a marketing strategy. Make sure you recognize the difference between the two.

Sure, 8 minutes in the morning is a brilliant marketing strategy. But not as good as the one I just saw called The 3-minute Abs. What’s next, 30-Seconds For Significant Strength? Big Muscles in 5 Minutes? The 1-Rep Muscle Revolution? C’mon, man. Just get your butt to the gym and train for 45 minutes, 4 days a week (or however much it takes for you to get the results you want).

The process of building muscle is fairly simple. You just lift weights to stimulate muscle growth and then you allow that muscle to recuperate before you train it again. And then you try to lift a bit more the next workout.

Your body is begging for exercise – it’s an amazing machine that was designed to be used often and vigorously.

The next time you hear that “ten minutes a day” will get you a body like a fitness model, please ignore it. You can get some health benefits from small amounts of exercise, like walking to work, biking to class, or raking the leaves in your yard. But you get even greater health benefits from LARGE amounts of exercise! Training for basic health benefits and training for maximum fat loss are not the same thing. To get maximum changes in body composition, you need a much higher frequency, duration, and intensity.

You can get a “training effect” (muscle growth and strength increase) in as little as two 30-minute workouts per week. But to become super lean and extremely muscular – well….. let’s just say the rewards you take out will always come in direct proportion to the work you put in.

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardi




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