Eat Fruit. Not Fruit Juice!

Eat Fruit. Don’t Drink Juice!

Orange juice? Apple juice? Cran-Grape juice? Don’t  you feel like you’re doing something healthy when you drink it? After all, it’s so much better than drinking Kool-Aaid or a Capri Sun, right?

Actually….. no! It’s loaded with sugar and it’s not healthy.

If you’ve got OJ sitting in your fridge thinking your doing you and your kids a favor… you better think again. These fruit juices are worthless calories at best, and fat-gaining sugar at worst.

But it has all these vitamins and minerals and a bunch of Vitamin C, so it can’t be that bad, eh? Well, Vitamin C may help fight a cold, but sugary juice will make you fat. If you want Vitamin C, then eat an orange! It has 75% less sugar, plus it has 4 grams of fiber. You know how much fiber fruit juice has? Zero.

I mean some of this stuff has 25 grams of sugar in an 8 oz. glass. Yeah, you read that correctly… 25 grams of sugar! But who just drinks 8 ounces? 16 ounces is the norm.
But what about ‘All-Natural’ juice?
Nope… don’t do it. I said don’t drink juice and I meant it. In fact, don’t drink anything that has calories (well, except maybe a protein shake). It’s never a good idea to get any of your daily calories from a drink. Instead, try and get all your calories from healthy, wholesome, nutrient-rich food that’s filling. It will keep you less hungry and you’ll consume fewer calories.

My Challenge To You This Week.
Drink water this week. Buy Mio and drink flavored water if you’d rather. Or get a lil crazy and stick a lemon in it. Just try it! Don’t drink a single calorie at all this week. You might even drop a couple pounds. Then, repeat this challenge next week. And then you can just thank me the next time you see me.


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This entry was posted on April 18th, 2012 at 11:58 am

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