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The New Division II-AA Football Preview Publication Is Now Available!

2013 Top 5 Individual Categories Review in Division II-AA FootballCorn Elder (2012) was gone and so was 2800 yards rushing from the Ensworth Tiger attack. Peyton Klawinski (116 tackles in 2012) graduated from MUS, and he left a big hole in the MUS Owl defense. Yet, DII-AA 2013 was filled with outstanding players and staggering […]

X2 Balance and Power

P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)Once again….. it’s CORE! It’s pretty clear by now that Tony Horton believes core strength is important. Makes you wonder what’s in store for phase II. Can you say “more core!” I like this one a lot. Slow moves, fast moves — all with core balance in mind. Everything is engaged on […]

X2 Yoga

P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)I have to admit that I only did the P90x Yoga a few times. I ended up replacing it with running on the treadmill. I just didn’t think I was burning any calories and didn’t understand the benefits of yoga, I guess. Plus, it was WAY too long. I now know that […]

X2 Ab Ripper X

P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)There is only 20 reps for each move, instead of 25 like the original Ab Ripper X. But it’s not easier, I promise. All these moves are new and there’s more focus on the ab-core and obliques – instead of hip flexors, which I think makes this a little more effective of […]

Peyton… The Greatest Of All Time?

After everything Manning has accomplished, for anyone to try and take his 263rd game to try and prove that he’s not the “greatest ever” is quite frankly, laughable. Only the clueless football fan will try and debate that some other QB is better than Manning and will try and use TEAM STATS instead of what […]

X2 Total Body

P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)This picks up where X2-Core stops. It’s chest presses on stability balls, bicep curls either one one leg, on a stability ball or in a half chair pose…. in short, this is working on all of my weaknesses. It’s basically two sets, one for each side. This will prepare you, without question, […]

X2 Recovery & Mobility

P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)This is an extremely unique recovery type of workout. I’ve never seen or done anything like it. Your main instrument isn’t dumbbells or stability balls, but rather a FOAM ROLLER. I hadn’t really known what a foam roller was until P90x-2. Nothing massages you, or causes more pain, than the “rumble roller” […]

X2 Plyocide

P90x-2: Phase I (Foundation)This is not Insanity  or the  ‘Insanity Asylum’ — because those both seem harder, I must admit, but that is not what Plyocide is all about, so you gotta look past that. Plyocide is part of a much bigger plan. This isn’t max interval training, but rather plyo strength training that works […]

P90x-2: The Review In Detail

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to dive a little deeper into reviewing P90x-2….. cause it’s that good and you need to know about it. In short, it comes with 12 workouts, plus two extras that are sold separately, and it’s broken into 3 phases (each lasts between 3-5 weeks) and consist of building […]