The Basketball Pre-Season

Why is this time of the year so important for your skills at basketball? Basketball season is the time when the team improves, and NOW (the off-season) is the time when the individual improves.

Basketball is a sport that requires a special set of skills – skills that don’t improve without commitment . A game of pick-up basketball or just shooting in your driveway alone will not improve those skills, unless you’re doing things right. You must spend time working on every area of your game, and you must go at game-speed.

Spending 30 minutes a day working on different parts of the game is all that is needed to make you a much better player by tryouts. 30 minutes is ideal because it is manageable and there is less likely a chance of burnout or boredom. Believe it or not, breaking it up into 5-10 minute increments can go a long way.

The areas you need to make sure and cover could be broken down like this: 5 minutes of ball-handling, 10 minutes of shooting (without a dribble – spin the ball to bounce back to you to resemble a pass), 5-10 minutes 1 and 2 dribble moves to the basket. Make sure and always alternate with left and right hands for drills so that you can go both ways without having to think about it. And have an explosive first step. In other words, “be hard to guard.”

Between each drill shoot 10 free throws. You always want to shoot free-throws when you are a little tired and fatigued because it most resembles a game situation.

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