Jase Tillman is a ball handling expert and owner of He has more than 7 years of experience, working with basketball players ranging from the 5 years old all the way to the high school level. Jase has a passion for teaching the fundamentals of basketball, as well as maximizing the potential from athletes by focusing on areas such as strength, speed, quickness, jumping, shooting, and overall conditioning. Jase is always up to date on all things related to athletes and their physical development. Jase is the author of the eBook "Ball Handling Xtreme – A Dribbling & Ball-Control Training System," which features the BHX program. He is a highly regarded coach who's known for his teaching abilities, his passion for improvement, and for his training and fitness regimen. You can contact him at

How Ball Handling Will Get You More Points and More Playing Time

If you want to become a better athlete, then you're at the right site. If you want to improve your shooting, passing, ball handling, and your over all game, then here's the deal:

You must learn how to control the ball. Until you can do that, nothing else really matters. But once the ball becomes like an extension of your own body, your entire game will change, giving you more options than you've ever had before.

Regardless of how old you are, how fast you are, or how tall you are, becoming a better ball-handler puts you miles ahead of the competition. You can't play if you can't handle the ball. Improving your ball handling skills will:

  • Make you more valuable to your team
  • Allow you to execute the team offense with confidence
  • Give you (and your coach) more confidence
  • Gain you more respect from other players and teammates
  • Give your coach a reason to make sure the ball is in your hands at the end of a close game.

What are some ways on how you can improve and get better this off-season?

I've spent a lot of time breaking down the drills and skills of ball handling and I've put them into a step-by-step blueprint that when followed, will give you some amazing results.

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