5 Ways To Turn One Hour Into Three

There are two different reasons to grab a ball and head to the gym. One, is to go, play, run around, and have fun. You might go with a friend and play HORSE, 1 on 1, or just shoot around. You may go with a group and play 3 on 3 or play the game Gotcha! Regardless, the primary purpose is to kill time and have fun.

The second reason to go to a gym is the exact opposite. It’s not necessarily to have fun, but rather to work hard and get better. You might go by yourself just to avoid distractions. The kids with this type of mindset are usually the ones who end up starting on their high school team. Sure, they can have fun too, but they know that the only way to be the best is to not just play basketball, but to work harder than everyone else.

So, when you want to be the best, and you only have an hour… what do you do?

Well, the good news is that an hour is a very long time…….. as long as you bring focus and lots of intensity. I will guarantee you this: If you follow my 5 steps below, you can get more accomplished in an hour than most kids who spend the entire day at the gym. So take advantage of those times by following these 5 tips.

#1 – Have a Plan

That simple piece of advice could be the most valuable thing you’ve ever heard if you take it seriously. You obviously can’t work on everything in just an hour, but you can certainly focus on a few things, with great intensity, and when you have a written plan, you’ll be pleased with what all you can get accomplished in an hour.

#2 – Choose A Strength And A Weakness

What you want to focus on? Do you want to work on a weakness? Or do you want to fine-tune one of your strengths? I would encourage you to choose one strength and one weakness, and write down 3-4 drills for each.

#3 – Don’t Forget Ball Handling

Along with the strength and weakness drills, you should never leave out ball handling. In fact, I would encourage you to begin each work out with ball handling. It will not only get your hands and fingers working, but it’ll warm up your muscles, get you sweating, and get you mentally prepared for the rest of the hour.

#4 – Don’t Forget Shooting Repetitions

Along with ball handling, the other thing you never want to leave out is spot shooting with lots of repetitions. Start in close – maybe 3 feet from the goal, and concentrate on good form. Swish several in a row before taking a step back. Do this until you’ve taken 4-5 steps backwards or until you reach the free throw line. The key here is to get in a groove with your form… doing it exactly the same way every single time.

#5 – Define A Limit

Once you have all the drills written down, put a time limit out beside each one. Some of the drills can be based on time, some may be based on repetitions, and some may be based on “until you make X many shots.” I knew one kid who worked out to music, and each time the song changed, he knew it was time to switch to a new drill.

The key to taking advantage of this hour is have a plan and work hard. Don’t waste time. Run after your rebounds. Hustle. Make it game like. Follow these 5 tips, and I guarantee you that you will get more accomplished in that hour than most kids can get done in a week!

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