4 Ways To Become A Better Shooter

4 ways 1 4 Ways To Become A Better ShooterOne of the most popular questions I get from parents and players of all ages is “how to become a better shooter?” And the answer is easy. There are really only 4 ingredients that are required to become a great shooter.

1. Learn how to shoot the correct way. Are you catching the ball in a “ready” position? Are you putting too much backspin on the ball? How’s your follow-through? Technique, stance, and follow-through are the very first things you want to get right – even before you use the goal or have a ball in your hands. Form shooting, without the ball, will help you develop muscle memory and is a great way to warm up before you start any sort of shooting drills. There’s one in particular that I teach today that we will discuss in the upcoming weeks that will not only make you a pure shooter, but will keep you from ever having any sort of shooting slump.

2. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Shooting 10 shots from random spots will not turn you into a good shooter. But 100’s and 1000′s of shots might. Are you the type of player that is willing to shoot 100 free throws every other day? Or 25 jump shots off the dribble and in the same spot? There is no better way to improve than repetition. And here’s a great idea….. keep track of your shots. Write down how many you shot and how many you made from a certain spot. Try it again 3 weeks later and see if you’ve improved.

3. Always go at game-speed. Shooting a bunch of free throws is great, but to truly improve your game shooting percentage, you gotta make sure you’re putting yourself in game-like situations. I know a guy who could make 25 free throws in a row, but put him in4 ways 2 150x150 4 Ways To Become A Better Shooter game, with a crowd, and a tad winded, and he can’t make more than 3 in a row. Any time you’re about to begin a workout, get your mind set, use your imagination, and pretend you are in a game. You must go at game-speed in order to really get better. Good shooters can make shots in practice. But great shooters can make them in a game. There is a big difference between “rushing your shot” and going full game-like speed.

4. Work on your shooting throughout the year. Don’t wait till the end of October to start working on your shot. Right now is the best time to learn good form and improve. There is no “off-season” for great shooters.

Okay, that is a list of 4 great ways to get better. There are a few more that I will cover another day that include stance, set point (where the release is from), flow of the shot, the release, the backspin, and controlling distance. And then there are a few that I really look forward to sharing because they are being taught by almost every coach…and they are WRONG! We’ll get into the details later, but here’s a little hint on what those are: squaring up, elbow in, flipping the wrist and reaching into a “cookie jar,” shooting at the top of your jump, forming an “L” with your arm at the set point, and cocking the wrist back.

I look forward to discussing all of these techniques soon!

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