Perfect Shooting Form

4 Ways To Perfect Your Shooting Form

Todays Tricks are some of my favorites…. it’s all about perfecting your shooting form.

Growing up going to Coach Meyers Basketball Camps, I always had decent form — even at a young age. But about the time I hit the 10th grade, I started paying super-close attention to my mechanics — my wrist extension, the backspin of the ball, how high my ball went, my follow through, etc. And during the next couple of years, I’m proud to say that I had developed a really nice looking jump shot.

But here’s the thing…. it doesn’t have to take you a couple of years to master the art of shooting. In fact, with the right training, you can develop a pure shooting stroke that gets the attention of every coach and possibly even some scouts. And, you can learn it quickly!

Here are 4 ways to speed up that process for you:

Shooting Trick #1: Do Everything Exactly Right

When your practicing your shot, without a defense, before practice, warming up, or even before a game….. concentrate on doing every single thing right! Make sure your feet are pointing towards the goal, make sure your body is squared up, make sure your hands are on the right place of the ball, make sure you have perfect arc, perfect backspin, and a perfect a follow-through. Make sure your elbow is down, your knees are bent, and the ball is resting properly in your hand. And by golly… make sure you’re in triple threat!


Shooting Trick #2: Use the Inflation Hole

The trick to free throw shooting is creating a routine. These type of shots are literally the exact same every single time – from the way you breathe, to the way you release the ball, to the arc of the ball, to the thoughts that are going through your head.

Having said all of that, there is one major problem in most player’s shooting and/or free throw routines. After a few dribbles, a deep breath, and a spin or two, your hand position on the ball is inconsistent and lost. Without even realizing it, you’re shooting with a different feel every time, and that’s no good.

So here’s the fix: before you take your shot, position your hands with your index finger on the laces, pointing directly at the inflation hole. This will ensure that you have the same hand position every single time, and as a result, you’ll shoot the ball a lot more consistently.


Shooting Trick #3: Master the Freeze Pull Up

When you become a great shooter, you can pretty much nail jump shots all day long, as long as you have a little bit of space. So, here’s a great way to create space: As you dribble at your defender, take a quick, hard move right at their lead foot (it’s even more effective if you use between-the-legs, fake jab, or a stutter step).

Make the move so hard and so fast that you push the defender back on his heels.

Immediately after making the move, you should have a lot of room between you and him, and that’s when you take that jump shot. If done right, your defender won’t have enough time to react, and you’ll knock down an easy 2 points with no hand up in your face.


Shooting Trick #4: Utilize Specialty Drills

The days of shooting 500-1000 shots per workout are over. If you’re serious about your game, you need to specialize. You need to use very specific drill sequences that train your shooting mechanics. You need to create muscle memory so that you master a quick release, proper footwork, good rotation, 60 degree arc, and your separation moves.

There are all kinds of specialty drills that will help develop your range, improve your shot, perfect your release, and increase your ability to shoot on the move. If you have trouble finding some, let me know and maybe I’ll put together a little program.

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