Bring Your Best Effort

4 Ways To Bring Your Best Effort Every Time!

If you always want to be at your best every time you step out onto the court, then put these 4 important steps into your daily routine.

Have you ever been yelled at by your coach because you were not paying attention to a drill? “Where’s your head at, Jase?” It’s happened to me and it catches you off guard, you start to panic, and you even get somewhat embarrassed. It’s never fun to get called out in front of all your teammates.

But, you know what? He was right for calling me out, because my mind was not where it should have been. I’m sure I was probably thinking about what I always use to think about…. playing in college. Even though it was two years away. There were too many times that I was either thinking about the future, or worrying about the past. Either way, when my mind wasn’t in the present, it was obvious. Because my practice suffered.

But, when my mind was in the present, then I became a whole different player. it’s like a switch turned on and I got in “the zone.” I’m not saying there is not a time or place to think about the past or future. But the point is, how can you balance it? Well, here are 4 easy tricks for helping you stay in “the zone” and give your best effort every time you step on to the court:

  1. Focus. Instead of worrying about the outcome, focus on whatever it is your doing at the moment.  For example, instead of dreaming about playing basketball in college, I should have been 100% focused on the team’s practice. Doing whatever it took to dominate whatever drill we were doing at the time.
  2. Breathe. I know we’re always breathing, but when it comes to staying in “the zone,” how you breathe becomes extremely important. Take good, deep, slow, relaxed breaths –  in through your nose, letting it fill up your stomach……. pause…… and then exhale smoothly through your mouth. If you ever start to panic on the floor, or have some anxiety before a game, just pause for a second, relax, take some deep breaths, and then return to the floor with a reckless abandon.
  3. Beat Yourself. Remember, your greatest competition should be yourself. Whatever it is you did yesterday, do it better, more times, or harder today. If you did 10 pushups before bed last night, then do 11 tonight. If you shot 20 free throws yesterday, then shoot 21 today. If you will keep your focus on “beating yourself” from the day before, so that you’re getting a little bit better every day, it will add up.
  4. Have fun. Let go, relax a little, crack a couple jokes, walk in the gym with a stupid, silly swag if you want. Kobe might be stone-cold serious on game day, but it doesn’t mean that he never has fun. Never take the game so serious that you don’t have fun.


The bottom line in bringing your best effort is to stay motivated. Never forget your strengths but always try and improve your weaknesses. Start setting goals by writing them down, and have a daily plan of action on how to obtain them. When you succeed, you will have a higher self image, and a more positive attitude on life. Goals will have you always looking ahead, striving to becoming better. And when you constantly strive to get better… you can’t help but bring your best effort… every time!

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This entry was posted on January 2nd, 2012 at 7:11 pm

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  1. Mary from Foundation Drilling says:

    Focus and concentration always go together if you want to excel in what you’re doing, You can’t afford to loose focus because this will really weaken you.

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