Get Unstoppable Handles!

3 Ways To Get Unstoppable Handles

If you’re a perimeter player – a point guard, shooting guard, or wing –  then you must have incredible handles to if you want to play in high school (or beyond).

You need the ball to feel like it’s a part of your body, like it’s on a string. You need to feel like you have total control of the ball. You should be able to make any move, at any speed, without the fear of losing the ball.

What can you do to make sure you’re at that level? Here are 3 quick tricks that you could do this summer:


#1 – Wear Gardening Gloves

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out a progression when you’re doing ball handling drills. In other words, once you’ve mastered a ball handling drill, it’s sometimes hard to figure out how to make that drill more challenging. Well, here’s an interesting trick I learned last summer…..

Try wearing a pair of good old-fashioned gardening gloves during your training. You can use these on any drill you want, and it will make handling the ball much more difficult. You can even use them for “touch” drills around the basket like The Mikan Drill, to work on your power shots. Just don’t bother shooting in them.

If you want to really jack up your ball control and hand/wrist strength, try doing your Combo Drills with a heavy ball while wearing the gardening gloves. More on those Combo Drills below.



#2 – Incorporate A “Start Step” Into Your Dribbling Drills

Start steps (your first step off the dribble) are hardly ever used effectively. I see so many players take 3 dribbles where they’ve gone a total of about 3 inches from the place they started. In short, that was 3 useless and meaningless dribbles. Instead, go somewhere with your dribble. With one dribble, and a proper “start step,” you should be able to get past your defender, create some space, open up some options, and travel at least 3-5 yards.

Speed and great ball handling go hand-in-hand. If you want to get to that next level, you can’t be a good ball handler without the speed that comes with an effective “start step.”

Take a look at Derek Rose. He combines lightning-quick handles and crossover dribbles with a blazing fast “start step” and he dominates the opposing guards.

I teach a program called the “5 Minute Start Step” which is a series of short-burst first step drills that integrates with many of my ball handling drills. I’m hoping to be able to share these with you soon.



#3 – Combo Drills

I used to spend my summers going to camps and getting better at pounding the ball with authority, and getting quicker at the other ball handling drills like the spider, the basic ball wrap, repeat crossovers, and figure 8’s.

There’s no doubt that it improved my game, but it wasn’t until my 10th grade year that I finally opened my eyes to the truth about ball handling. And the truth is, not too many college players do those types of drills. Instead, they do “Combo Drills” that integrate multiple facets of ball handling with difficult game-like moves that literally force their handles to adapt and progress and get better. For example, maybe you’re dribbling with your weak hand then all of a sudden you take two hard dribbles, go thru-the-legs, and explode going the opposite direction. Then, after two more dribbles, you do a powerful crossover and then right back thru-the-legs so that yore still going the same direction. Then, maybe you add a quick reverse for a layup going back to your weak side.

If you want to play at that next level, you’ve gotta start training like they do. I would encourage you to implement “Combo Drills” into your ball handling workout routines. There are several step-by-step systems out there that will take your ball handling skills to a level you never thought possible.

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