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3 Ways To Increase Your Scoring Average

Over the next few days, I’m going to share a few basketball training tricks. Up first are three ways to boost your scoring average.

Trick #1: Get Into the Kill Zone

Most smart defenders are going to try and force you to the corner, or the short corner, because they don’t want you to get into what’s known as the kill zone. The kill zone are 3 imaginary squares, about 8 x 8 feet, located at the two greet throw lane elbows and the center of the free throw lane. From these three spots, you can create more scoring opportunities for yourself, and your team, than anywhere else on the court

So, as an offensive player, you need to be doing everything you can to get into these three areas. Try and get your defender off balance and to the outside with a fake or jab step, and then attack the middle. Because once you’re there, you can do a several things:

  1. go all the way to the hoop and finish with a power layup
  2. pull up for a jumper or floater in the lane
  3. draw the big man up and dump a pass down low to your post
  4. draw the defense in and make a quick skip pass out to the wing or corner for a 3-pointer


Trick #2: Score In Bunches

Have you ever noticed that the great scorers always score in bunches? Meaning, one moment they’ll be sitting back making great passes and getting the ball moving (waiting for the perfect moment to strike), and then all of a sudden they’ll explode for 4 straight buckets.

If you can master this:

  1. it allows you to keep your teammates happy while you get some assists stats
  2. it allows you to become the “go to guy” on the court (when your team needs a few baskets, you’re the player they turn to)
  3. it creates fear in the defense because they know that you might “explode” at any minute


The best opportunities for scoring are almost always late in the first quarter, the start of the third quarter, and late in the fourth quarter. Also, good rule of thumb is to score within the flow of the offense (moving without the ball, hitting open jumpers, and taking obvious opportunities) throughout the game, then pick two or three times to really explode and go off for a quick 3-4 buckets in a row.


Secret #3: Moving Without the Ball

I am constantly telling my players to pass and cut (move without the ball). When they do that, there’s always an easy basket to be made. So, if you can do it effectively once or twice per quarter, then you will all of sudden have an extra 8-16 points per game.

Besides the simple pass and cut, there is also a neat move that we call the “Read Line Cut” and it works like a charm when done right. Basically, if you’re in the corner or on the wing for example, and the guy guarding you is outside the 3-point line (the “read line”) keeping you from getting a pass, then take him a step further out by jab stepping, and then BOOM! Make a break to the goal and call for the ball.

Or, if your big man has the ball and is positioned above the block while you’re  in the corner, the backside of the baseline will usually be wide open (just make sure to wait for the right opportunity… don’t do this when your big man is making a move).

Just don’t forget to really sell your defender on the fake cut — make him think you’re going the opposite way, then when he turns his head, make your move to the back door. Step-fake your man up towards the top of the key, then dart backdoor and call for a quick pass.

If you do this right, you should get a wide open dunk, layup, or power shot inside the lane.

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