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Stay Calm Before A Game

How To Stay Calm Before A GameWe have a big game tonight against a team we’ve scrimmaged twice already, and both times they beat us pretty badly. I’m pumping this game up to my team, and I think I’ve made them more nervous than they usually are before a game. Is that good? Is it […]

Teammates Don’t Pass?

How To Get Your Teammates to Pass You the BallMy son is playing in a 5th grade league and he often feels what I often see – he doesn’t get the ball as much as we both wish he would. So, this is a blog dedicated to him and other players out there that feel […]

Thoughts from Coach Wooden

Coaching Principles from Coach Wooden1. Basketball is a game of habits and it takes time and patience to develop proper habits and to break bad ones. One of the greatest faults of most beginning coaches is likely to be a lack of patience. 2. The coaches and players must never become dissatisfied but must work […]

Stop Creating Fat Cells!

Stop Your Body From Creating New Fat Cells Do you know what “fat cell hyperplasia” is? It’s when your body creates new fat cells which will stay inside your body FOR…. EV….. ER! It happens when you gain too much weight, too quickly.  As a response, your body actually creates new (and permanent) adipocytes (aka: […]

4 Fat Loss Lies

Ab stimulators and energizers will give you a great set of Abs. False. Abs, just like any other muscle group, need to be worked with resistance training in order for them to develop. Not to mention you need to do cardio to help burn off fat around the midsection and focus on proper nutrition to […]

Eat Fruit. Not Fruit Juice!

Eat Fruit. Don’t Drink Juice!Orange juice? Apple juice? Cran-Grape juice? Don’t  you feel like you’re doing something healthy when you drink it? After all, it’s so much better than drinking Kool-Aaid or a Capri Sun, right? Actually….. no! It’s loaded with sugar and it’s not healthy. If you’ve got OJ sitting in your fridge thinking […]

Most Important Fitness Tip

The Single Most Important Factor in Fitness…..The other day, a friend of mine stopped by my office and as usual, the subject of fitness was brought up. He was trying to convince me that his CrossFit program was tougher, harder, and better than my current P90x2 workout regimen. I’ve never done Crossfit so the truth […]

The NCAA Tournament

(My apologies… but this was suppose to post last month on March 20) Did anyone see the outstanding finish to the St. Louis vs. Michigan State game Sunday night? At the end of the game, Draymond Green locked down the win for MS with his play making, passing, rebounding, outside shooting, and leadership. He simply […]

John Wall’s Tiny Tweak

John Wall’s “Deadly” Tiny TweakI was watching John Wall the other day and I’ve gotta say… there’s no doubt that he’s one of the top 2-3 fastest guards in the league right now, but I don’t even think it’s his speed that makes him deadly. I mean, there are plenty of fast players who never […]