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How to Become a “Clutch” Free-Throw Shooter

Did you know there is no such thing as a “clutch” free throw shooter? Yes, you heard me right. But wait, you say… what about Jordan, Kobe, or Nash? Well yes, those guys are great free throw shooters. And they will make 9 out of 10 free throws whether it’s the first quarter or the […]

How To Become A Better 3-Point Shooter

The obvious answer is to practice more, so should you just go out there and start launching some tre’s? Umm… no. Unfortunately, most players answer “yes” to that question. The real secret here is that shooting has everything to do with good form and good rhythm. So always start there. It might sound strange but […]

Greatest Basketball Coach Of All Time?

Last night, I was with two other sport fans (Steve G and Primetime), and we had an interesting discussion on college basketball – specifically college basketball records. And it led me to realize some pretty fascinating facts which I’ll share at the end. But first, let me hit some highlights of our conversation……. The first question […]

How To Avoid (or Get Out Of) A Shooting Slump

(part 2 of 2) And finally, Clear Your Mind – The more you focus on the fact that you’re in a slump, the more slumpy you’ll be. So, it’s important to learn how to clear your mind. Try this unique trick that clears your mind. If you have a really bad slump that you just […]

How To Avoid (or Get Out Of) A Shooting Slump

Almost every player that’s ever played basketball has experienced some type of shooting slump. The key is to not let it kill your confidence because they’re always temporary and they’re usually always mental. A couple of bad games does not mean you’ve forgotten how to shoot. Sure they can kill your confidence, leave you confused, and seem never-ending, but he fact is, if you shoot a lot, you will miss some. Heck, if you can make 50% of your shots, you will be considered a great shooter. So just ease your mind, and you will get through it. And let these drills get you out of the shooting stump.

Steve Nash, Steve Perry, and Steve Jobs

What do these three guys all have in common? Well, besides the fact that they all probably have some type of iDevice, they are also all considered the very best in the industry that they’re in. Steve Nash led the NBA in assists for five years and is one of four in the 50-40-90 Club […]

Pete Maravich Dribbling Drills

One of the greatest, most creative, and offensively talented players in basketball history was Peter Press Maravich, who was tagged in high school with the nickname “Pistol Pete” because of his deadly shooting accuracy. Maravich would dazzle the crowd every time he stepped on the court with his Harlem Globetrotter-like dribbling and his ability to […]

4 Ways To Become A Better Shooter

One of the most popular questions I get from parents and players of all ages is “how to become a better shooter?” And the answer is easy. There are really only 4 ingredients that are required to become a great shooter. 1. Learn how to shoot the correct way. Are you catching the ball in […]